Product Matters are a Business Optimisation and Process Improvement consultancy that use product centric strategies. We offer world class product management, product ownership and product direction on an ad-hoc basis.

“Product Direction is key to the success of a business, especially for new ventures and complex projects. A Product Director is vital in keeping the organisation headed towards success. Product Matters fulfill this need in an extremely cost effective way by supplying value driven product ownership on a flexible, pay as you need it basis.”

Our arena is software development, working with every tier of the business to ensure you produce the products that meet the need of your customers and your markets. We help define and then deliver on your objectives creating a strong bond between your teams and your stakeholders. We bring clarity to complex situations; deliver roadmaps that clearly show the route you need to take and the milestones that signal your product’s success. We establish a high level of collaboration within your company and produce effective teams through confident product management.

“In my opinion Product Matters are unique in their offering. They promote collaboration and accountability within the entire corporation; Now everyone feels they have involvement, completely aware of their contribution towards the holistic goal”

Your Business?

Product Matters

The Deliverables

  • Long software development cycles?
  • Endless meetings, no traction and de ja vu moments all too common?
  • A chasm between sales, marketing and technical departments?
  • Vague release information and inaccurate product roadmaps?
  • Confused, weak or non-existent product ownership?
  • Effective product management
  • Restates objectives yielding immediate return
  • Aligns your products development with the market needs and your goals
  • Delivers confident product ownership and accurate roadmaps
  • Redefines your software products to become revenue generating sooner and cost less to code
  • A thorough, painless, fixed-price triage with initial findings
  • A bespoke value driven framework and any needed process improvement programmes
  • Resource plans, product plans, product budgeting and innovations
  • Better product definition, clearer needs and easier to understand benefits from technical innovations

All our activities bring immediate and identifiable value. You are given regular deliverables in the form of product collateral, project assets and demonstrations of your software in action, with a focus on how that deliverable moves your business towards your goals. We align your organization behind the steer of the executive team, focusing efforts to ensure every conversation contributes to your mission statement.

“Heavy weight, Black Belt Product Owners on a contract or rental basis. At last a cost effective solution for an essential software development ingredient.”