Core to our strategies are the principles of balance. Positioning a business perfectly to realise the mission goals of the organisation balanced by its capacity for execution. We work through every level to identify those most needing attention, always looking to demonstrate a return on your investment in our highly trained Product Managers and Business Product Owners. The approach is extremely effective and ideal for businesses that need to react to market indicators quickly. The summary steps are:-




Explain your goals, mission, vision or problems We demonstrate this vision with a concise product strategy, and well defined products We create or optimise the Product Roadmap to deliver this strategy, aligning all efforts so they contribute towards this plan

We act as a mirror to show an organisation where it is actually headed based on the steer it has given, and importantly, provide the realisation where effort is being expended on activities that do not contribute to the goal.

The tactical steps use a framework crafted by real product owners and managers, with years of experience in delivering high value software products with a range of complexity from simple commoditized products to enterprise level solutions and programs.

“It’s like Pay-As-You-Go Product Management, which is perfect. Only spend money when you need product direction, and allow the plans to mature free of cost. The dash-boards Product Matters deliver mean they are kept in the loop and are once again able to jump back onto the release train when it needs alignment or clarity.”